Online Reputation Management & Personal Branding Consultancy in London, UK

Conway Gordon provides global reputation consultancy, personal branding, narrative development, precision communications and bespoke training to successful individuals, all of which enable and empower effective engagement with the audiences that matter.
Its founder, Tom Conway-Gordon, has helped to build, promote, enhance and protect the international reputations of multi-billion-dollar businesses, and the HNW and UHNW leaders that run them, in London and the Middle East.
We communicate with honesty, move with urgency, and operate with discretion.

Tell a Brand Story That Sells, With Conway Gordon

Consumers trust brands with a positive reputation, and just one negative online review can require as many as 40 positive reviews to outweigh it. At the same time, personal branding has never been more important and should be considered at every stage of what you do.
Conway Gordon is a specialist London-based agency that provides global reputation management consultancy to multi-million dollar businesses, and successful individuals worldwide. Whether you’re looking to build a personal brand narrative on the internet or increase online custom through your website, Conway Gordon can help you tell a story that sells.

Why Brand Reputation Matters

Products and services matter, but brand reputation now accounts for around 63% of a company’s market value. We help to build corporate and personal brand narratives to deliver bespoke online reputation protection measures to a wide range of multi-million dollar businesses, and the HNW and UHNW leaders that run them.
As well as helping to solidify the right brand narrative, working with us to build a positive branding reputation throughout your corporate journey can help you to:
Too often, brands only consider reputation management after a crisis. By then, the damage may already be done. Conway Gordon delivers comprehensive reputation protection consultancy services throughout your entire business journey.
We ensure that you not only have all the tools necessary to avoid negative press in the first instance, but also that you know exactly what to do in the face of negative reviews or reputational backlash on the internet. After all, in the words of Warren Buffett, ‘A reputation takes 20 years to acquire, and five minutes to lose.’ Conway Gordon makes sure that isn’t the case!

What Conway Gordon Can Do For You

Reputation management shouldn’t be solely about damage control. Our London agency offers a wide range of discrete, fast-acting services and strategies for our UK and international clients to help keep your personal brand or business on the right side of history and support continual growth. Following a consultation call, we’ll begin to piece together a bespoke package, which could include:

Personal and/or brand narratives

Inconsistent narratives are almost as damaging to your business as negative reviews. We offer full or half-day workshops that will help you develop a clear and robust narrative ‘script’ to ensure growth and consistency across client communications, online business channels such as LinkedIn, networking prospects, and public speaking engagements.

Reputation protection and enhancement

At Conway Gordon, we make sure that you can always maintain and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to achieve. Whether you’re dealing with negative reviews on the internet or a reputational threat or crisis, we will provide you with the right strategies of what to do, what to say, and how to avoid further backlash. We can also undergo a full risk audit to map potential reputational threats to your business, and then provide you with appropriate pre-written statements and Q&As, ensuring you can sleep well at night knowing you are fully prepared should disaster strike.

Precision communication consultancy and activation

Sometimes, you’ll want to display your brand reputation through precision communications for specific clients, journalists, or events. We will recommend the right approach for each activity, enabling you to communicate exactly what you want, to exactly who you need to influence.

Media and presentation content and training

Whether you’re preparing to launch your brand to new audiences, or are facing public scrutiny after a reputational crisis, our media and presentation training courses can help you to perfect skills including public speaking and management of media engagements. This way, even nerves can’t stop you from delivering a concise, consistent, and well-thought business narrative at all times.

Our Client Base

We’re proud to build, promote, and protect the reputations of multi-million dollar businesses in London, throughout the UK and worldwide. We’ve worked with an impressive portfolio of clients, and just a few of our partners include:
Conway Gordon fully understands that our clients expect discrete reputational management. That’s why we offer bespoke, honest, fast-acting, and strictly confidential consultancy and services in every instance.

Cement Your Online Reputation With Conway Gordon

Personal branding and reputation protection should be at the forefront of everything you do. Conway Gordon can show you the best strategies to build a brand narrative. Across our bespoke services, we offer half and full-day workshops and training courses that will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to cement the right reputation and gain continual growth for your brand.
We are specialists at personal branding and online reputation management. We’ll use everything from your website, to third parties like LinkedIn, to ensure that your audiences see consistent and positive messages when they search for you. Alongside your strengthened brand narrative, this can provide sales growth, and reputation enhancement and protection.

If you’re located in either London, the UK or internationally, you can take advantage of these benefits when you contact our agency online today.