Roll Call – Issue 3

Issue 3 Our third edition focuses on the damaging reputational challenges faced by two major British institutions and a negative misplacement of focus by the office of the Mayor of London. The Scouts fly in the face of their famous motto Overview Some decades ago, I used to spend Wednesday evenings, the odd weekend and […]

Roll Call – Issue 2

Issue 2 – 11th October 2023 Our second edition turns to the world of entertainment, covering broadcasters, music venues, and celebrity chefs.  1.) Broadcasters’ changing attitudes to presenters’ behaviour Overview The revelations published by the Times, Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches on the alleged behaviour of comedian, actor and broadcaster Russell Brand were obviously […]

Roll Call – Issue 1

Issue 1 – 18th August 2023 With the return of the English Premier League last weekend and with FIFA Women’s World Cup reaching its exciting conclusion, what better opportunity to kick-off a look at some of the recent stories from the world’s most popular sport through a reputational lens. 1.) Lauren James’ red card against […]